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Fantasy Macaubas Quartzite

Fantasy Macaubas Quartzite

Fantasy Macaubas Quartzite have mild grey background which have slightly highlighted with white and gray veins in gorgous quartzite big slabs. Thikness 2cm/3cm 3/4inches and 1 1/4 inches are available on our stock. And also widely used as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity top, flooring and wall.

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Fantasy Macaubas Quartzite

We not only supply big slabs but also fabricate high quality, durable and trendy countertop. The Fantasy Macaubas For Countertops is one of outstanding quartzite that will
bring new life into any space.

Fantasy Brown Quartzite have mild grey background which have slightly highlighted with white and gray veins in gorgous quartzite big slabs. Fantasy Macaubas Quartzite normally applied on ktichen countertops and backsplash and island top, accent walls design, and floors tiles which is complement a variety of design styles from traditional decor to modern decor. Thikness 2cm/3cm 3/4inches and 1 1/4 inches are available on our stock.


Fantasy Brown Quartzite is strong, beautiful, and gorgous stone pattern in among choices for kitchen counters.Fantasy Macaubas Quartzite can also be utilized as a floor, backsplash, bathroom, or fireplace both indoors and outside applications.

Fantasy Macaubas Quartzite is a mined stone like other natural stones and resists heat, moisture, bacteria, stains, and scratches when properly prepared. Individual quartz particles recrystallize when heated throughout the manufacturing process, giving the product a lovely and decorative dazzling pattern.

Fantasy Macaubas Quartzite is a lovely natural stone, that is known for its diagonal movement, swirls, and veins. It strikes the perfect balance between interesting movement and over-the-top busyness. It contains calcium carbonate, and has a similar color palette of cream, white, tan, brown, light grey, and dark grey. While there is a variety of colors from one slab to another, most come in a more tan and grey color palette. Some slabs can be quite dark with shades of charcoal to light grey, while others can be fairly subtle with shades of cream, white, and light tans.

Fantasy Macaubas Quartzite has beautiful shades of brown and gray against a white background. In some slabs, you may see little black flecks. As with any natural stone, the color and detail will vary in each piece, making every one unique. The stone’s neutral color palette allows it to complement either dark or light cabinetry and works with almost any style kitchen. The growing popularity of Fantasy Brown quartzite is due to both its beauty and its durability. It makes a subtle statement by catching your eye without detracting from the rest of the room’s decor.

Fantasy Brown quartzite is a natural stone that is known for its unique blend of colors and patterns. It is quarried in India and is a popular choice for countertops, flooring, and wall applications.

The Fantasy Brown quartzite typically features a range of beige, brown, gray, and white hues, often with veins and swirls that create a marbled or swirled appearance. Some pieces may also have patches or speckles of black or blue. Due to its natural variations, each slab of Fantasy Brown quartzite is unique.

Fantasy Brown quartzite is a durable and heat-resistant material, making it a popular choice for kitchen countertops. It is also easy to clean and maintain, although it may require sealing to protect against staining.

Fantasy Macaubas Quartzite also have other name:
Granite Macaubas Fantasy
Macaubas Quartzite
Branco Macaubas Quartzite
Macaubas White Quartzite


MATERIAL Quartzite
SURFACE FINISH Polished, Honed, Leathered
USE Kitchens, Bathrooms, Floors, Walls, Tiles, Slabs
AVAILABILITY Please check stock availability with HRST STONE to visiting.

Stone samples are also not available for every stone selection, please enquire for availability.

Fantasy Macaubas Quartzite is from hitorical time rock formed and originally from Sandstone which is dense and hard natural stone made up of natural Quartz grain. And it is very suitable for kitchen countertops due to its similar veins and veining color slabs to marble choice and aritificial quartz. Furthermore, it is much higher resistance to any kind of stains or even chemical.

These gorgeous quartzite slabs include white, gray, light blue, and tan veins that softly draw attention to the soft gray background. A range of design aesthetics, from traditional to modern, are complemented by Macaubas Fantasy Quartzite countertops, accent walls, and flooring. Although it feels and looks like marble, quartzite is actually harder than granite.Macaubas Fantasy Quartzite gives a very hygienic and bacteria-free surface when properly sealed. It is perfect for interior applications including bar tops, fireplace surrounds, tub decks, kitchen and bathroom counter tops, and more.

Macaubas Fantasy quartzite used in kitchens and bathrooms, some people even fabricate slabs in to big tiles for beautiful flooring design or even to be paved patios and house gardens.

Also it is very strong, so often be used in construction of walls and floors,and commonly used as railroad track ballast. Because of its stunning beauty, it is also commonly used as commecial or residencial decoration. Like hotel/villa flooring and others.Our Macaubas Fantasy quartzite is very popular choice for looking to add beauty to their home, while still maintaining its durability.

Macaubas Fantasy is a magnificent quartzite that comes from Brazilian quarries and has a mellow gray background with veins of white and gray that softly accent it.
This gorgeous Quartzite slab is big enough and is ideal for floors, accent walls, and worktops. This quartzite can be utilized for exterior design projects and is appropriate for both residential and commercial buildings and surface can be in polished and antiqued style.

Macaubas Fantasy Quartzite is very nice option for counters design, like in kitchen, bathroom and bar or even table top in coffee table, side table, dining table and reception top, with very competitive price due to our own factory and quarry directly cut from our own machine from block to slabs. So just send us your inquiry and we can make customised design with what you want size and slab and give you a nice quote.


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