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Consisting of an experienced team of workers in research, development, consultation, and sales fields, HRST STONE tends to overcome the country’s building stone.

We believe that our clients are entitled to make informed purchases, so by supplying correct and enough information, we try to inform you as an honest consultant in purchasing products in accordance with your requirements.

Considering that the buy emerald green granite or amazonita granite takes a lengthy time and compels a lot of energy and time, we do our first-class to make the most of the communication systems and save your time. That is why we have provided the opportunity of buying stones online. To attain this purpose some of our services are listed below:

Design and Product Development

HRST STONE can design, develop and develop new carrara white marble or fusion night quartzite design problems. Our company’s production experience in this field, and through the production technology beyond the process can help you to easily complete the entire production technology of highly complex products.

Inspections and Production Control

HRST company performs inspection and production control. We will carefully follow the production of blue agate,amazon green quartzite and other natural stone, from extraction and production to the dry laying and packaging process. With this service, our customers can be sure that their products are produced according to the agreement with the supplier and that everything will go according to plan.


Slabs Package

Tiles & Countertop package

Our packaging policy is based on customer concerns, and the size, and the materials we ship. Protective outer molding and wood packaging are part of our commitment to our customers and comply with customs regulations.

Lastest Projects

We have always pursued the ultimate production process, reducing costs while ensuring product quality, please enjoy beautiful projects made with HRST STONE’s natural stone decorative materials.


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