Production Process

The production process of our stone products includes material selection, block cutting, slab polishing, cutting to size, edge polishing, leading board polishing, hole opening, hole edge polishing, finished product, and wood packaging.

1. Material selection: according to the stone samples or photos provided by the customer, we will send professionals to select blocks to find stones that meet the customer’s requirements for color and pattern.

2. Diamond block cutting: Cut large blocks of stone into blanks of required thickness (generally 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, or 30mm in thickness) or cut into small pieces with a gang saw.

3. Automatic polishing: Polish the thickness, flatness, and brightness of the plate to meet the quality requirements. By polishing, stones reveal their color, pattern, and luster.

4.Cut to size: The slab is cut to the required size by the infrared cutting machine.

5. Additional processing: In addition to the above processing steps, some stone products also require additional processing, such as edge grinding, chamfering, drilling, etc.

We are always committed to creative efforts and continuous improvement of products such as blue sodalite granite, white agate, emerald green granite. Based on high quality, we expand our product range, reduce costs, and ensure the exact needs of our customers. We believe that with our experienced work team and professional management, we will be your trusted business partner.

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