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For over 20 years, HRST STONE has been presenting excessive-quality, top-rate herbal Stone and stone products. Our major merchandise inclusive of Carrara white marble, fusion night quartzite, blue agate, amazon green quartzite,calacatta marble, and agate stone slabs. we have an expert crew in doing fabrication such as kitchen countertops, restroom conceitedness tops, etc.

Xiamen HRST Stone Co., Ltd, placed in the world stone middle of Shuitou Town, China. This tremendous region permits HRST Stone to furnish the great stone and the most complete provider to our clients in a well-timed manner.  

Our projects and selection of materials are beloved by house owners and interior designers, alike. We satisfaction ourselves on providing an extensive inventory that can meet any price point or design dream we are met with.

Product Recommendation

Exquisite natural stone decoration can greatly enhance the aesthetics of the decoration.

HRST STONE has a wide range of products.such as grey agate,smoky quartz,white crystal agate,white crystal agate

You can check our project cases to experience their use effects.



Marble has been the pinnacle of elegance for centuries. Reverberating a luxurious charisma into each and every house it touches, Marble is a authentic natural masterpiece.



Agate is a kind of chalcedony minerals. It is often a striped block mixed with opal and cryptocrystalline quartz. The hardness is 6.5-7 degrees, the specific gravity is 2.65, and the color is quite layered. Available in translucent or opaque. The original form of the trigonal crystal system.



Quartzite are known for the durable beauty and being perfect for interior and exterior use. It is the most amazing natural luxury stone, rich in colorful patterns



Granite is a natural masterpiece that has stood the check of time. Granite comes in a wide range of classic color variations, making the interior design of any space synergistic.

Calacatta Viola Marble


Calacatta Viola features a uniform beige color with small purple, brown and white crystalline veins.

It has become so popular within the past year that the availability of beautiful slabs is very scarce.

Time-honored excellence, calacatta viola is ideal for creating a lavish atmosphere in the most sophisticated homes.

Characterized by contrasting purple veins on a white background, which brings light, vitality, and emotion to any design.c

Latest Projects

We provide you the latest products,

such as calacatta gold marble, serpeggiante classico marble, china shangri la jade marble, carrara white marble, fusion night quartzite,

If you are interested, please contact us.

How We work

Our transaction process is generally divided into three steps, ordering, production, and delivery



After you browse our brazil blue lumen marble, china blue river marble, sandalus quartzite and other products, you can contact us by email/telephone/enquiry form, tell us the products you are interested in, and your needs, such as the number of products , styles, etc.



After receiving your product order, the customer service of HRST super white quartzite factory will arrange the factory to review the order as soon as possible, and arrange production after the review is passed. Delivery time is generally based on your needs.



Our products such asbianco statuario white marble,petit antique marble,sahara noir marble,ceppo nova marble and others can be shipped in a number of ways, usually by sea. We confirm the quality of the product before shipping and pack it properly to ensure that the customer receives it in good condition.​​

calacatta oro marble free sample


Rich customer cases and good customer reputation have made HRST Stone. You can believe our services through historical customers.

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If you are interested in our arabescato orobico gold marble,china white beauty marblespain armani brown marble and other products, please contact us. We will provide you with a complete product manual, you can choose what you like to order.

If you have any questions about the brazil white mont blanc quartzite,fusion night quartzite,super white quartzite,titanium granite and products, you can also contact us. We will provide you with professional answers.

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