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Alexandrita Quartzite

Alexandrita Quartzite

Alexandrita Quartzite is a beautiful natural stone able to satisfy any kind of interior design or architectural requirements. Apply to interior or exterior kitchen countertops, walls, and flooring, and furniture table top. Exotic stone is perfectly applied in large kitchen island and backspash.

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Alexandrita Fantasy Quartzite Countertops 

Alexandrita Quartzite

Alexandrita Emerald Quartzite

Alexandrita Quartzite is stunning light green and ivory stone having subtle tones of darker green and peach, surrounded by shades of aquamarine. Quartzite’s density makes it mostly resistant to erosion and volatile weather, which allows for applications such as wall coverings, roofing tiles, as well as flooring and stair steps.

Alexandrita Quartzite is currently gaining popularity indoors as a decorative element and for countertop surfaces. Pure quartzite typically has a neutral hue ranging from white to gray, but depending on the quantity of iron oxide present, it can also take on a variety of pink and red tones.

Also have names:Alexandrita Quartzite,Alexandrita Emerald Quartzite,Alexandrita Fantasy Quartzite 

Verde Gaya Granite,Verde Gaya Quartzite,Jade Quartzite,Emerald Green Quartzite,Gaya Green Quartzite

Cristallo Alexandrita Quartzite

Strong natural stone known as Alexandrita quartzite is renowned for its beauty and usefulness. Alexandrita Quartzite resembles marble in appearance, but it is just as durable as granite characteristics. The ideal bulletproof type of countertop, quartzite is also resistant to deterioration from acidic meals like lemons or other juice or tomatoes.. and easy to clean off. 

We have various selection of quartzite to choose from. So just send us your inquiry and we can design personalise kitchen countertop for you own house. Quartzite colors include white, brown, black, and blue and colorful…

Alexandrita Quartzite is harder and more resistant than mostly of other natural stone kinds, that makes it a wonderful investment for kitchens countertops island top, waterfall, and backsplash and bathrooms vanity top, wall or flooring design..

Light green quartzite of the Alexandrita variety is a stunning, calming stone that is ideal for countertops, flooring, wall applications, backsplashes, and living room wall decoration and even for bathroom bath surroundings and fireplace surroudings.

Some designer also choose Alexandrita Quartzite for fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills and hotel or home table luxury table top like coffee table/bar table top and reception.. projects…



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