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Calacatta Viola Marble

Calacatta Viola Marble

Captured from one of the oldest marble quarries in Italy, calacatta viola marble goes where no marble surface has gone before. The perfect kitchen centerpiece for your home, Calacatta Viola Marble features rich cabernet hues and creamy white coloring.

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In the world of natural stone, Calacatta marble has long been a go-to material for kitchen countertops and bathrooms due to its traditional, timeless appearance.

Calacatta Viola Marble is appropriate for tasks involving marble yacht interior design, including worktops, unique flooring, kitchen counters, and walls.

Calacatta Viola Marble also well known as Breccia Vagli. Top classic Italian Marble resembling ice sheets floating in a deep red sea. A stunning marble that can make a statement in any space.

Calacatta Marble can be used as solid sink for kitchen countertops:

  • Calacatta Viola Marble
  • Sink Rectangle Shaped
  • Custom Marble Sink Rectangle
  • Hidden Drain Sink
  • Farmhouse Marble Sink
  • Bathroom Decor

Now more and more people choose Calacatta Viola Marbre for Marble Accessories and Furniture

Furniture and accessories are a wonderful additional method to use marble in your surroundings. Coffee tables made of Calacatta Viola Marble will give your living spaces an attractive look right away. Use marble plinths to display your original artwork or family portraits. Lemons or other fruit look enticing displayed on distinctive Calacatta Viola marble dishes on your kitchen counters.

 Calacatta Viola Marbre ‘s multiple dimensions are breathtaking! On the surface of this alluring stone, a plethora of patterns appear to combine and move, posing a fear that they will leave their canvas and intrude upon this world. The deep hues of the background have managed to simultaneously blend in and stand out.

Boldly luxurious, calacatta viola marble enchants onlookers with its remarkable design of snowy white, curvy splashes that seems to float amongst a striking veining of deep wine red and pinkish hues. The vibrant contrast of the crystalline white with the darker tones lends this marble an unmatched dimensionality. A beautiful rhythm forms across the surface that infuses this natural stone with timeless sophistication.


A compelling addition to any interior,fashion calacatta marble instils a sense of romance and grandeur. The fine patterning and depth of this natural stone effortlessly transform both homes and offices into stylish talking points that astonish and impress. Bring a touch of vogue to your kitchen with a magnificent marble backsplash, elevate the luxuriousness of your bathrooms with marble benchtops and vanities, or turn your fireplace into a focal point by using marble tiles to detail the surrounds with breathtaking marble walls. Revive the look and feel of your interior spaces by infusing them with a dramatic yet glamorous white marble stone.


Incorporating a marble as vibrant as fashion calacatta viola into your home may appear somewhat daunting with its bold design and vivid tones. However, the key to transforming your spaces with this exclusive natural stone is using it in small doses – accents and statement pieces – rather than in vast amounts that overwhelm the eye. In this case, less is infinitely more.


Use marble as part of your floor or walls


Infuse your kitchen with a dash of colour by employing a mesmerizing fashion calacatta viola marble backsplash. This pure pop of colour and patterning will create an elegant focal point that enhances the room instead of competing with other elements. In the instance of bathrooms, use marble walls in your shower only, again this will give rise to a dazzling talking point, adding a splash of colour and sophistication to the room.


Focus on marble furniture and accessories


Another fabulous way to include marble into your surroundings is through furniture and accessories. Calacatta Marble coffee tables will instantly bring an alluring style to your living areas. Make use of marble plinths to showcase your bespoke art pieces or family portraits. Unique calacatta viola marble platters are a beguiling way to display lemons or other fruit on your kitchen counters.


A stunning variation of a classic stone

How can you creatively describe beauty? Quartzite-Stone’s Calacatta Marble

The surface reminds you of creamy ice floating in balance on a deep red sea. This is a look unlike any other, combining classic white and deep violet, with the rich texture of calacatta marble that captivates and touches the heart. Polished or polished, this calacatta viola marble is a testament to chic luxury.


Luxurious and functional

The fashion calacatta marble is heat resistant, so there is no need to worry about burn marks on the kitchen counter or bathroom area. The calacatta viola marble is both practical and exciting to use on walls, floors, backdrops, and office workstations.


Unique and wonderful

Over the decades, nature has created these intricate veins on the marble surface through heat and pressure, laying the foundation for the fine character of the calacatta marble. Truly unique, this piece of fashion calacatta viola marble represents a vibrant natural process, with a poetic and intense juxtaposition of color on the surface of the calacatta viola marble.


Dress to impress

This calacatta marble countertop is elegant and radiates light, making it the perfect choice to brighten up living areas and add depth and drama to bathrooms, powder rooms, and kitchens.


Additional Information

SURFACE FINISH Polished, Honed, Leathered
USE Kitchens, Bathrooms, Floors, Walls, Tiles, Slabs,Table
AVAILABILITY Please check stock availability with HRST STONE to visiting.

Stone samples are also not available for every stone selection, please enquire for availability.


This striking variety of marble serves a variety of purposes because it is suggested for many designs. With its glitzy lilac-purple veining pattern, Calacatta Marble is best known for its wide range of applications, including wall coverings, interior and external flooring, bathroom and counter surfaces, as well as the fabrication of unique ornamental items. Its elegant and stylish appearance gives a novel touch to any place that makes it nothing but an absolute attention-getter.

For your home, hotel, villa, and other commercial residential bathroom projects, the ideal Calacatta Viola Marble Vanity Tops are available. Rich, cabernet-colored Calacatta Marble has a milky white tint. When utilized as a large bathroom décor or a bookmatched backdrop for what may end up being your favorite room in the house, these naturally bold Calacatta Viola Marble Vanity Tops are even more striking.

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