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HRST STONE has been verified onsite by world-leading inspection company, SGS Group. We have been engaged in stone for more than 20 years and joined Ali for 8 years. We have been focusing on providing all kinds of stone products for star hotels, commercial buildings, villas, super apartments and other projects.  With the best quality […]

CE G603 and G654 test report

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Grey granite pavers are always the most popular.  This polished G603 and G654 grey granite paving stone is a great outdoor paving stone product. The raw material is G603 granite, This material comes from Hubei, China, and the color is light grey. The raw material is G654 granite, This material comes from Fujian, China, and […]

CE Butterfly Blue test report

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Butterfly Blue is one dark blue granite from China. Blue Butterfly granite countertop is a dramatic, eye-catching countertop.  Black base, featuring green and white spots, this granite will create a stunning impression on your interior.  Originating in China with a commitment to its quality and durability, this unique granite allows beauty and muscle from its […]