China china blue river marble

Sky Blue Marble

Sky Blue Marble

Sky Blue Marble is a lightly ice blue marble mixed with unique light color shades which veins are wavy and subtle and whole looks like flowing water. Many people have been drawn to this beautiful stones and variation for use in interior decorating,like countertops.

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Lumen Blue Marble/Blue Paradise Marble/Sky Blue Marble 

HRST STONE is located in Shuitou Town which is largest stone city if you are looking various and top quality stone for your home. You are probably considering about making an investment in your house or business, just check our website various natural stone.With our responsibility and we can make sure you will receive the highest quality work in a timely way at extremely cheap costs. This is why so many cabinet makers, builders, and interior designers only work with us for more than 20 years at least.

Blue Paradise quartzite/marble Blue Paradise quartzite/marble is ideal option for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, reception top and bar top and other stone furniture table tops.

Paradise Blue Marble is also named Blue Sky Marble which combines gentle hues of white, cream, and blue in rolling, natural waves. Sky Blue Marble is also good for your pool surround because it is very hard and dense marble and surface can be antiqued.

Lumen Blue Marble/blue paradise is a lightly ice blue marble mixed with unique light color shades which veins are wavy and subtl and whole looks like flowing water. Many people have been drawn to the stone’s beautiful tones and variation for use in interior decorating.

Although it can withstand extreme heat, utilizing trivets for hot pots is a sensible move. Its upkeep poses no maintenance issues. You can maintain the beauty of your stone by cleaning it frequently and avoiding fatty and acidic meals.

Paradise Blue Marble is most exquisite marble natural stone known as Paradise Blue comes from Brazil.
The beauty is comprised of greys, whites, and blues with hints of green and shades of blue to give the sense that you are staring at an arctic scene with tranquil blue waters.
The Blue Paradise Marble looks exactly what its name suggests. With its waves of pastel blue and turquoise, this stone resembles a day in paradise. It’s ideal for table furniture designs, kitchen countertops, accent walls, and backsplashes.

There are many structural and ornamental uses for blue sky marble. It is used for internal design as well as outdoor sculpture, external walls, flooring, ornamentation. Tiles made of Blue Sky Marble adorn the bathrooms of more modest homeowners as well as the flooring of the wealthy. These tiles come in polished or honed finishes. Although they have a fashionable appearance, polished tiles are very slick when wet.

Blue Sky Marble is offered at a competitive price. For projects, importers, distributors, wholesalers, and factories all around the world, we provide tiles, slabs, and countertops.
A extremely distinctive natural blue marble is called Blue Sky White Marble. The slab’s entire surface evokes the mood of an elaborate abstract painting. The marble’s surface is mostly blue in hue and has light blue and yellow-green striped patterns all around it. This marble has a very calming, fresh feeling, making it perfect for wall décor. Blue Sky Marble is another name for Blue Sky White Clouds Marble.
Lots of finishes are available: leathered and polished, honed.

The Blue Sky Marble we sell are incredibly sturdy. With the help of our Marble Blue Sky worktops, your house will be transformed into a nice design looking.

Thickness: standard stock thickness is 2cm(3/4″) for most materials. Customised thick required is available from us. 

Dimension: each slab is unique, so size slab is vary upon availability. Average slab size is 40″×60″–80″×120″.Tiles or customised sizes can be fabricated as required.

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