Титановый черный гранит

Титановый черный гранит

Titanium Black Granite — очень горячий черный бразильский природный камень с очень агрессивным стилем. Широко используется для столешниц, рабочих столов. Поверхность этого гранита, похожая на плиту, в основном состоит из черного, золотого и небольшого количества белых прожилок. Среди них рисунок с черной полосой занимает большую часть …

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Introduction to titanium black granite

  1.  Titanium granite not only has good hardness, but also has high compressive strength, small porosity, fast thermal conductivity, good wear resistance, frost resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, and not easy to weather. Titanium black granite’s color is strong and stable, making it more suitable for classical style and country style bedrooms.
  2. Compared with marble, titanium granite has a monotonous pattern change, so it is generally less used for indoor floor laying. It is mostly used in frequently used areas such as stairs, vanity countertops, cabinet surfaces, etc., and sometimes used as marble edging decoration.
  3. Since the radium in Titanium black granite will produce the gas radon after radiation, it will be absorbed and accumulated by the human body for a long time, and radiation damage will form in the body. Therefore, titanium granite should not be used in large quantities indoors, especially in bedrooms and children’s rooms.

Titanium black granite construction and acceptance

  1. Pre-construction: Titanium Granite mostly uses cement sand for indoor construction. It should be noted that iron wire must be added to make it durable. If the construction is in a humid space such as a bathroom, it is recommended to waterproof the structural surface first before construction.
  2. Mid-stage of construction: Titanium Granite comes into contact with cement during construction, and the moisture of the undried cement gradually dissipates to the surface of the stone, resulting in an alkali-silicon reaction, causing the color of some areas of the stone surface to darken. Due to its high iron content, light-colored Titanium Granite is prone to red rust spots on the surface when exposed to water or humidity. Therefore, when laying Titanium black granite, it is necessary to select good quality protective glue and protective powder to avoid contamination of the stone during construction.
  3. Construction acceptance: The surface of Titanium Granite surface should be clean, flat, no abrasion marks, and should have clear patterns, consistent color, uniform seams, straight periphery, correct embedding, and no defects such as lines, corners, and defects in the plate.

Titanium black granite maintenance

  1. The most important thing to maintain Titanium Granite is to thoroughly dust and clean it, preferably with a vacuum cleaner or electrostatic mop.
  2. Try to choose a special cleaner. If you use a general cleaner, be sure to use a neutral cleaner to avoid strong acids or alkalis, otherwise it will corrode the surface of Titanium black granite and cause damage.
  3. Titanium Granite will lose its brightness after long-term use, so it is best to have a special person polish and grind it regularly to restore its brightness.
  4. Due to the strong water absorption of Titanium Granite, it is very easy to form water spots at the stone joints, and it is not easy to dry, and it is difficult to eradicate. Therefore, when cleaning and maintenance, use as little water as possible, and even use water should be quickly sucked dry.
  5. When paint or paint drips on the granite, in addition to adhering to the surface, a part of it will penetrate into the shallow surface of the stone. Before cleaning, use a thin blade to peel off the contamination layer on the surface of the stone, and then clean it with a cleaning agent.
  6. If there is oil, ash, unknown dirt, etc. on Titanium Granite, you can use a cleaning agent containing a surfactant formula to clean it. When cleaning, pour the cleaning agent on the work surface, brush it off with a slightly harder brush, soak for about 10 minutes, then scrub back and forth with the brush, then clean up the dirt, and then scrub it twice with clean water.



ЦВЕТ Черный
ЧИСТОТА ПОВЕРХНОСТИ Полированный, отточенный, кожаный
ИСПОЛЬЗОВАТЬ Кухни, ванные комнаты, полы, стены, плитка, плиты
ДОСТУПНОСТЬ Пожалуйста, уточняйте наличие товара на складе у HRST STONE.

Образцы камня также доступны не для каждого выбора камня, пожалуйста, уточняйте наличие.


Titanium black granite is a very hot black brazilian natural stone with a very aggressive style. Widely used for countertops, desktops. The slab-like surface of this granite is mainly composed of black, gold, and a small amount of white veining. Among them, the black stripe pattern occupies most of the area of  the granite slab.Striking natural stone with textures of beige and white intertwined with dark grey and black. This stone is perfect for a variety of applications and styles, including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, backsplashes, tub surrounds, outdoor kitchen countertops and other surfaces.


Titanium black granite is an all-natural stone with white and fawn patterns hovering over black and dark grey lines. If you are looking for a natural stone that is very appealing to the eyes. Titanium Black Granite is a beautiful option. This stone is particularly suitable for countertops, mosaics, exterior and floor applications, fountains, swimming pools and wall coverings, stairs, window sills and other.

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Сопутствующие товары


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