Обеденный стол из розового оникса

Обеденный стол из розового оникса

Обеденный стол из розового оникса — это уникальный и модный камень для любой гостиной, поскольку он столь же величественен, сколь и прекрасен. Большинство людей выбирают его в качестве фона стены, напольного покрытия, прилавков, барной стойки и журнального столика, приставного стола, обеденного стола, табурета и другой мебели из твердого натурального камня из-за его прозрачности, чисто-розового цвета.

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Обеденный стол из розового оникса

Pink onyx dining table with T shape pink onyx leg/base which is a whole set of stunning onyx top is paired with opulent details and show elegance, class taking dining tables designs to luxury level. One of a kind, latest elegant collection with onyx Table Top. Create lasting memories with loved ones seated around the Onyx Dining Table. An eye-catching cross base is crafted with powder-coated gold brass metal, offering strength and stability. Pink onyx table top coloring allows this dining table to complement a wide range of color schemes and decor styles.

Belows size is 51inches diameter with pure pink color with T shape leg design:

Pink onyx dining table often known as Onice Rosa which is one of our hot sale products. 100% pure Pink Onyx is highly preferred due to its light  white striking veins, excellent translucency, and gorgeous pink pure color. It is frequently used in hotels, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. Our Pink onyx dining table  can be used as wall decorations, coffee or dining tables, bathroom and kitchen counters, or ornamental decorations in your home’s interior.  Pure pink onyx have big slabs or small slabs, so any kind of table size can be available customised. And Pink onyx dining table  also can be do with other small item accessories, like candle jars, plate…

You can choose from and purchase a variety of natural onyx colors at our factory because we are a reputable manufacturer of onyx stone. like white, pink, yellow, blue, green, black, and gray onyx, among others. And with different kind of table design.

Pink onyx dining table  capacity to transmit light is among its most alluring aesthetic qualities. When backlit, onyx walls and counters take on a mysterious appearance because to their translucence, delicate colors, and striking patterns. To amplify the appearance, artificial light sources are frequently utilized. This Pink onyx dining table  will illuminate furniture also. 

Pink onyx dining table  is cube design:

A gorgous and elegant home furnishings that has been used for current modern style deocration s is marble furniture. The hard and very nice marble stone is particularly adaptable because it can be molded into various shapes with a little design idea and aptitude. It is a wise investment because it can be passed down from one generation to the next and lasts for a very long time. It is understandable why people would be prepared to shell out a lot of cash for this style of furniture.

It’s not required for marble furniture to be white. Additionally, it is offered in a variety of colors, including pink, yellow, gray, black, and green. Both homeowners and interior designers favor the stone because of its beauty and toughness.

Pink onyx dining table is a quite sturdy material that can be worked with using a range of tools to make on various shapes. It is the preferred material for those who want their furniture to unique design and beauty. It is also ideal for those who lead long lives because it requires almost no maintenance and is simple to clean.

A particularly distinctive and one-of-a-kind type of furniture is customised marble furniture. It is ideal for those seeking unique items which on people can make exact the same marble table. It is also perfect for those who have specific specifications for design, color, and material.


We are the pink onyx dining table factory for mainly  producing marble furnitures: dining table, side table, coffee table, end table, cube and stool  and plinth and so on.Material can be customised with onyx, marble and quartzite and luxury stone.. and even agate for furnitures design, and shape can be customised also, we can make free design also. So just send me your inquiry for free quote or free pink onyx dining table sample. 


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