mármore branca de neve

mármore branca de neve

Mármore natural, a cor de fundo desta variedade é branca, e a distribuição da textura ou linha cinza percorre a superfície da placa, e a distribuição da textura é desigual, e a luminosidade é excelente, podendo chegar a 120 graus. A Branca de Neve é um mármore de alta qualidade devido à sua textura fina.

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HRST Pedra has been a leading manufacturer and exporter of natural stones for over 20 years, and is recognized for its high-quality products and excellent customer service. We have our own manufacturing and quality control team that inspects and certifies each product.


mármore branca de neve

Snow White Marble is a kind of marble, original quarry from Italy. Dolomite is the main component of snowflake marble. Snowflake marble is soft in quality, and the surface is easily scratched. Generally, it is used in places where it is not easy to scratch. The maintenance method is mainly based on caution. Snowflake white marble slate surface is white in color, white in whole body, pure in texture, and has the characteristics of crystal, snowflake and transparency.



Snowflake white marble slate is white in color, white in whole body, pure in texture, and has the advantages of luster, smoothness, sturdiness and wear resistance.



Snowflake white does not contain any dyes, and is non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, anti-exposure, and no discoloration. With wear-resistant, waterproof, anti-corrosion, non-toxic, strong adhesion, colorful, etc.


Natural marble, the background color of this variety is white, and the texture distribution or gray line runs through the board surface, and the texture distribution is uneven, and the luminosity is excellent, which can reach 120 degrees. Snow white is a high-grade marble due to its fine texture and high gloss. Varieties, mainly used in the interior decoration of high-end places, such as the spiral staircase of the hotel lobby, interior wall finishes. High-end varieties such as black gold flowers are used to make spiral staircases, which can be called a touch of gold.



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HRST STONE Embarks on a Customer-Centric Journey to Elevate Construction Projects in Arab Countries

HRST STONE, an Italian supplier of marble products, has been instrumental in enhancing construction projects in Arab countries. They provide personalized advice, ensuring the chosen marble material blends seamlessly into the project’s design and aesthetic. Their expertise in marble selection and application is invaluable to builders and designers, and they ensure efficient sourcing of marble mosaics, Italian Calacatta white marble, old beige Botticino marble, and luxury stone quartzite. Their commitment to excellence continues to shape Arabian architectural projects.

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