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White Silk Quartzite

White Silk Quartzite

White Silk Quartzite quarried in Brazil is very strong, beautiful, and adaptable. It offers the same marble-like appearance but is more durable. Quartzite can also be appllied as a kitchen countetops,floor, backsplash, bathroom, or fireplace surround.

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White Silk Quartzite Kitchen Countertop


Bianco Superiore Quartzite/Aphrodite Quartzite/White Silky Quartzite

White Silk Quartzite quarried in Brazil which is very strong, beautiful, and adaptable
metamorphic rock material with pure white background base and some grey veins. It can be
an excellent substitute for marble since it offers the same marble-like appearance but is
more durable, making it a popular choice for kitchen counters and island together with
waterfall which make them bookmatched. Quartzite can also be appllied as a floor,
backsplash, bathroom, or fireplace surround both indoors and outside reception or bar


White Silk Quartzite is also called Spring Falls Quarzite whhich is super-exotic granite.
It can be used as kitchen countertops, or tabletop, like in dinning table, coffee tables,
side tables.Because it is durable quartzite so if possible,some people choose it as
flooring, countertops, vanity tops in bathroom flooring and walls and kitchen backsplash.


White Silk quartzite is stunning quartzite which has a delicate gray veins pattern along with a creamy white color. It’s ideal for giving any kitchen or bathroom countertop a dash of natural elegance. It is a fantastic option for home decoration in countertops because of its extraordinary durability and scratch resistance.

White silk can also be used to make countertops that are cleaner, more modern, and ideal for the kitchen or bathroom. Anywhere it is utilized, white silk adds a sense of elegance while also adding flair and sophistication to any space.High-end pubs, restaurants, hotels, and resorts frequently utilize white silk in their decor. White silk countertops are a stunning option that visitors can leave a lasting impression.

Any room in your house where you wish to make a statement should be covered in white silk. Anywhere you wish to add a sense of luxury, including the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and dining room, white silk quartzite can be used. While keeping durability and stain resistance, white silk adds luxury to your home. White silk quartzite is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking for a beautiful and high-quality countertop material. Your house will undoubtedly look and feel better with it.

White Silk Quartzite is one of the most beautiful stone materials you can use for your countertop needs.The natural stone has beautiful and white hues that can accentuate any bathroom or kitchen remodel. White Silk Quartzite is a white quartzite with curly or straight veins with light creamy background. Polished or Leather surface can be available with 2cm or 3cm on stock. Most of people also choose it as table tops design, like dinning table, coffee table, side tables, or bar top, bench top or even for outside decoration as BBQ countertops. So send us your inquiry and we can help you to make best design for your house decoration.

White Silky Quartzite with veining similar to marble and it has because a toply popular
choice for kitchen and bath countertops, accent wall or feature walls. Because c

With veining similar to marble, natural quartzite slabs are becoming an increasingly
popular choice for kitchen and bath countertops, backsplashes, and feature walls.
Builders, decorators, and homeowners prefer quartzite for its crystalline shine and
striking patterns because it is available in a variety of earthy hues that go well with
any style.

White Silk Quartzite is a kind of luxurious stone and each slab of quartzite is unique.
With variations depending on iron oxide level, area, and age of the stone, common hues
include the swirling white and grey tones prominent in today’s kitchen designs, as well
as more uncommon types including brown, gold, orange, red, green, and blue.If want to
know more other stone options, you go for your website checking other designs.




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