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Veder Alpi Marble

Veder Alpi Marble

China Veder Alpi Marble is a kind of majestic natural green stone. The material is the main emphasis of spaces created by its opulent polished finish. This stone is also known as Verde Rameggiato or Verde Aosta. Most people choose it as kitchen countertops, wall decor, and bathroom vanity top and tables.

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Veder Alpi Marble

Verde Alpi Marble is a beautiful Italian dark green stone with an intense dark green variously from green to white veins and light green veins. 2cm or 3cm big slabs are available and furthermore,free samples can be available on stock also.

Verde Alpi Marble is also suitable for internal and external use and is mostly applied in cases of flooring, wall cladding, tabletops, vanity tops and bathrooms.

Verdi Alpi Marble has been prized for its innate beauty and elegance. For wall cladding, stone furniture, fireplace surrounds, architectural panels, and bathrooms, Verdi Alpi Marble is a popular stone option for interior decoration. Verde Alpi marble from HRSTSTIBE is durable, portable, and simple to work with.

China Veder Alpi Marble is a kind of green marble with all kinds of different surface available.This is a gorgeous natural stone originally from Italy with green white veins slab which can be satisfy any design in commercial or residencial requirements, now table tops with this China Verde Alp dark marble are also a new trend for most people choice at home.

Most of designer make it into interior or exterior decoration:kitchen countertops, backsplash, island with waterfall design, fireplace walls, living room wall decor and even in bathroom wall and flooring and vanity top and even table furniture, like coffee table,working table, bench top,side tables,dining table..

Verdi Alpi Marble tops have a beveled edge or full bull nose.

Verdi Alpi Marble tops can be coated: translucent, highly polished polyester coating to assist avoid use-related stains.
The satin finish provides the stone a natural, honed appearance while offering the same protection as coated marbles. Satin coated Verdi Alpi Marble marble tops: clear satin polyester coating to avoid use-associated stains.

Verde Alpi Marmi is a kind of majestic natural green stone. The material is the main emphasis of spaces created by its opulent polished finish, which highlights the chromatic contrast between the strong green of the serpentine stone and the complex white veining of the calcite.

This stone is also well known as Verde Rameggiato or Verde Aosta and even some people called as below names:
Marmi Verde Alpi Scuro
Verde Alpi Dark Marble 

China Verde Alpi marble is an exact replacement of magnificent natural green stone. The Verde Alpi marble slab is distinguished by a deep green background and strong and vibrant white veining, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms and wall decoration and furniture. Its luxurious polished finish exalts the chromatic contrast between the intense green of the serpentine stone and the intricate white veinage of the calcite.

An elegant and classic deep green Italian marble is called Verde Alpi Marble. It performs nicely in a variety of applications and has white and light vein motions on each unique slab.

Rich green Verdi Alpi marble has light green veining and patterns. Verdi Alpi Marble adds elegance and vibrancy to any interior design. It is available in slab form with either an honed or polished finish, or even finished in leather. Internal uses, particularly damp places like bathrooms, are suitable.



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