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Statuario Marble

Statuario Marble

Bianco Statuario White Marble, it is a soft filigree of gray lines melds into a delicate white background to elevate this material with its subtlety. Its gentle grey lines crisscross and blend with a soft and delicate white to becoming blurred. This subtlety makes it a highly distinguished material.

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With its subtlety, Statuario Marble elevates this material with a beautiful filigree of gray lines that blends into a delicate white backdrop. Its subtle gray lines cross one other and mix with a beautiful, delicate white. Due to its subtlety, it is a very distinctive substance. A consistent grid of lines in various shades of grey crisscrosses the white background to produce the Bianco Statuarietto Marble. This material shines with limitless aesthetic possibilities due to the sense of lines that remind one of neurons in a permanent state of synapse. The widespread usage of Statuarietto White marble slabs and tiles is not surprising. It works well in various styles and for both interiors and exteriors.

classification and evaluation of the components used to make snow white marble

White Statuario Marble is a distinct quality, thus this affects the final ornamental molding in a very different way. So it’s crucial to comprehend Snowflake’s grading system in order to get authentic supplies and guarantee the project’s quality.
In general, the following elements have a major role in determining the cost of Calacatta Statuario Marble:

1. The whiter the background, the higher the price; (the primary pricing factor for Statuario White Marble)
2. The more distinct the texture is, the less fine lines and the more uniform the main lines, the higher the price;
3. The price of no macular and gray spots is higher; the less the crack, the less obvious the higher the price;
4. The price of the board without color difference is higher.

After the Statuario Venato Marble blocks are transported from the mine to the factory, they need to go through: Screening of blocks → sawing and processing large boards → Gluing and polishing the back net → screening of large boards → computer typesetting for texture effects → infrared bridge cutting machine processing specification boards → on-site typesetting confirmation → edge grinding and polishing → six-sided protection → numbered packaging, etc.

Matters needing attention in the processing of snow white:

1.Water is used in all aspects of stone processing. Generally, stone manufacturers use precipitation circulating water in order to save costs and meet the relevant requirements of environmental protection regulations. Stone chemicals used in all aspects of stone processing will flow into the circulating water (such as stone dyes, stone polishing wax, etc.).

2.These chemicals will not have a noticeable effect on regular black or beige stone. However, for the calcareous stone, which is snow white and soft in texture, it is very likely to cause irreversible serious pollution.

3.Therefore, the water used in the processing of Statuarietto white marble slabs and tiles must be tap water. Statuario white stone is snow-white in its entirety, which contains countless fine crystal particles, and the surface gloss is extremely high.Once a fracture occurs, no matter how it is repaired at the construction site, the traces of the fracture will be seen, and if the on-site installation adopts the wet sticking process for construction, the snow white will easily return to alkali at the fracture.

4.And after the snowflake marble is cut from the block into a large board, it needs to be repaired, polished and back meshed immediately to reduce the chance of the snowflake breaking during processing and installation.

5.Statuario Marble countertop has a soft texture, and the probability of contamination after installation is high. Therefore, snowflake white must be protected from six sides before leaving the factory.

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