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Pink Agate Semiprecious Stone

Pink Agate Semiprecious Stone

Pink agate is one the most beautiful stone. It has an ultra-fine and peaceful pattern. This is available with a very fine polish which makes this stone well suited for countertop, tabletop, floors, wall cladding, and staircase creations as well as entirely for exhibits cause.

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Semi-precious mineral rough stones usually exist in small pieces, while the entire semi-precious stone slabs are hand-selected samples by artisans and spliced ​​together piece by piece. Each piece of pure natural semi-precious stone slabs are assembled by hand by experienced craftsmen with fine typesetting, which can show the luxurious feeling of semi-precious stone slabs.

Pink agate have backlit effect, it is a luxury stone and widely use on countertops, vanity tops, walls, floors, etc.




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