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Magma Gold Granite

Magma Gold Granite

Magma Gold Granite is a luxury and exotic stone. Magma Gold granite has mostly gold, and black colors on each slab. Some areas slab has more black colors while some other areas have mostly gold color. Most used in kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity top, bar tops and wall decor.

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Gold Magma Granite

  • Gold Magma Grantie also name black fusion quartzite is the most unique manifestations of being unusual and hard granite.
  • Magma Gold has the appearance of hard, hardened, and ignited magma encircling massive black boulders. A classic stone for projects and settings that are unusual and expressive.
  • Its shape is reminiscent of lava flow and very resistant to be used as counterrtops in kitchen design, adaptable to any type, shape, or size of processing, and excellent for indoor and outdoor floor coverings. This granite’s characteristics make it excellent for both buildings and furniture.

This stone also have other names: Black Taurus Polish Granite,Black fusion granite
HRST STONE offers natural stone slabs of Magma Gold Granite, which is a gold with black background granite for countertops. This stunning gold slab has a striking black and gold pattern on the surface with contemporary characteristics that are ideal for kitchen countertops. These slabs of natural gold granite can be used in your kitchen island, countertops, vanities, fireplace, backsplash, bathroom, bar tops, tabletops, stairs, windowsills, and shower walls. These lovely slabs of granite will give your kitchen and bathroom the ideal appearance.

Magma Gold Granite / black fusion quartzite also called black Amber is a unique choice for your kitchen worktops and countertops and island top. For edge cutting, it has many kinds of different designs which can be fabricated as required. We also have our own factory for mainly cutting the countertops proffessionally. And this granite are available with thick 2cm and 3cm thick on warehouse, and any other slab thick can be customised also. 

Magma Gold granite/black fusion quartzite stone  is a natural stone with a yellowy beige backdrop that features an amazing movement of fine grained minerals in warm browny and taupe tones with traces of gold that will provide a classy touch to any place where it is displayed.

What area does Magma gold commonly used for?

Most people use Magma Gold granite for decoration places like kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, bar tops and even background in living room, flooring, wall cladding, staircases, or designer terraces. Because this Magma Gold Granite is ever beautiful in global!

There are two quartzite/granite similar to Magma Gold Granite: Fussion Black, and Titanium Gold.

Magma Gold Granite sometimes known as Fusion Black, is a rare and exotic granite. Its eye-catching design would be a gorgours point in any kitchen. Much heavier than Cosmic Black, but being similar too.

Extremely dynamic is the best way to describe Magma Gold Quartzite. This material’s surface has swirling, black, dynamic veining that resembles the surface of a living planet.

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