नेग्रेस्को ग्रेनाइट

नेग्रेस्को ग्रेनाइट

Negresco Granite is a classic color natural stone. It is deeply favorite by designer and architecturer. For now, this stone can be processed in jumbo slabs and cut to sizes with polished, honed and leathered finish. It is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, floors, walls and fireplaces.

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Negresco Granite is a classic color natural stone. It is deeply favorite by designer and architecturer. For now, this stone can be processed in jumbo slabs and cut to sizes with polished, honed and leathered finish. 

Negresco is a stunning granite with smokey white veins woven into a deep black background and a lovely suede feel. It is the ideal granite for any backsplash, bathroom vanity top, outdoor living area, fireplace surround, or kitchen countertop. The Negresco granite will look stunning wherever you install it.

Negresco granite is an excellent option if you need a natural stone with a deeper shade to finish your remodeling job. In addition to being stunning, this granite is also one of the hardest building materials you can use within your house. Just two of the many benefits that make granite popular among homes are its beauty and durability. One of the best natural stone selections available is negresco granite. One of the best choices you’ve ever made for your home may be to install it.

Which will be better for grantie? Honed or Polished?

Due to its matte appearance, honed granite is more scratch-resistant. While honed granite can also get scratched, it does so less frequently than polished granite because the scratch won’t be as obvious when light bounces off it.

Which thickness is ideal for granite countertops?

For the granite countertops, the majority of countertop fabricators, designers, and architects recommend a thickness of three centimeters. It provides the widest range of color possibilities, size flexibility, and durability. Cabinets do not require plywood support since 3CM material can be placed directly on top of them.

Does granite need to be placed on plywood?

If the granite has a thickness of 3 cm (approximately 1 1/4 inches), you do not require an underlayment of plywood when installing granite worktops. However, you will undoubtedly need to utilize plywood as support for granite that is 2 millimeters (or around 3/4 inches) thick.

Does the kitchen granite countertop work in 2cm thick?

While a 2cm thick countertop is an option, the top will require additional support to assist prevent fracturing or cracking. Because there is less labor and material required, 2cm thick countertops might be a preferable choice if money is a factor.

Does the granite need to glue on the cabinets?

The most popular kind of glue for installing granite countertops is epoxy glue. It is sturdy enough to hold two slabs of stone together and to fasten granite to cabinets. Epoxy is what you need because it has a strength equal to that of the stone itself.

How can you determine the granite’s quality?

Here are some of the finest methods for evaluating granite quality:

Granite slabs should be either square, rectangular, or customized to the needs of the customer.

It should have a consistent thickness, homogeneous crystalline texture, and color.

It should be solid, dense, and firm.

When struck, it ought to produce a loud ringing sound.

Specifications of negresco granite

The specifications of granite can vary depending on the source and supplier, but generally include:

  1. Composition: Negresco granite is a type of igneous rock composed of quartz, feldspar, and mica minerals.
  2. Appearance: The stone has a black or dark gray base color with white or gold veins running through it.
  3. Finish: It can be finished in various ways, including polished, honed, or leathered, to achieve different textures and appearances.
  4. Density: The density of granite ranges from 2.6 to 2.8 g/cm³, making it a durable and strong material.
  5. Usage: Negresco granite is often used for interior and exterior design applications such as flooring, countertops, wall cladding, and landscaping.

It’s worth noting that these specifications may not apply universally and may change depending on the specific quarry, region, and supplier of Negresco granite.

Advantages of negresco granite

  1. Durability: Negresco granite is a durable natural stone that can withstand heavy foot traffic, extreme temperatures, and other wear and tear.
  2. Aesthetics: It has a unique and attractive appearance due to its dark base color with white and gold vein pattern variations.
  3. Versatility: Negresco granite can be used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications such as countertops, flooring, walls, and landscaping.
  4. Maintenance: It requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean with mild soap and water.
  5. Resale value: Installing granite can add value to a property and increase the resale value.

Overall, Negresco granite is a high-quality material that offers both aesthetic and functional benefits, making it a popular choice for various design projects.







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