How to select and install amazonita granite floor tiles?

In the past, people’s building ground was land. Often, due to dry weather, dusty phenomena occurred. When they encountered pits where water would settle, mud would make people slip, and bring a lot of trouble to people’s lives. Later, it became adobe brick. After a long dry weather, dust will also appear, but when it comes to water, this phenomenon can be better, there will be no pits, and the road surface is not muddy, so it is safe to walk on the road. Until now, people’s pursuit of beauty has improved. They chose to use granito amazonita floor tiles to lay the floor, instantly making the house less dull and much brighter. Let’s talk slowly about how to choose and install floor tiles!

The brand of amazonita granitefloor tiles

Learn about Universal Stone

There is an era of rise in any industry. Of course, there are also the first brands. Regarding the field of granito amazonita floor tiles, its earliest brand was Universal Stone, which was founded in 1986. Before production, this brand will choose a good ultra-thin stone composite board or natural marble building board, which has become the standard starting unit in the industry. Naturally, companies with strict binding forces have had a great influence in China and have become a famous high-end stone supplier in this industry. After years of development and expansion, it has covered an area of 1.2 million square meters and nearly 2,000 employees.


Inventory HRST Group

Inspections and Production Control-4

With the development of the industry, demanders’ requirements for floor tiles have also increased. Instead of simply laying the ground, floor tiles are needed to decorate the house, make the house more bright and become a favorite in people’s hearts. It is the Xishi Group in the industry that achieves this. It is a practitioner of integrating stone and decoration into one, integrating the mining process, processing process, design process and decoration process of stone, and has become a large-scale company. The amazonita granite floor tiles produced by this company have won unanimous praise in the industry, and the company has also won many resounding names.


The arrival of stone at the height of time

The establishment of the HRST Group solved the problem of stone integration and specialization of stone, and became a famous leader in the Asian region. Gaoshi Group’s requirements for amazonita granite floor tiles are higher than before. After all, it has evolved through two generations of floor tiles, and has accumulated a lot of experience. While inheriting the advantages of floor tiles in the past, it has also innovated its style and style, adding color to the construction industry, and has won the appreciation of industry insiders.


Purchase and installation of floor tiles

Clarify the installation scope

In a self-built house, there will be many rooms, and their uses are different. Of course, when purchasing floor tiles, you have to figure out which room to use for what in the future. Some are for the elderly to live in, some are for children, some are for adults, some are laid in shopping malls, and others are laid in schools. Therefore, we have to consider the size of the pedestrian traffic at the site, the safety of children and the elderly, etc. Some floor tiles have good anti-slip properties, some are stronger and can withstand a lot of traffic, some have good waterproof performance, and some have poor waterproof performance. Therefore, buyers need to be aware of these issues before they can buy the right amazonita granite floor tiles.


The role of the warranty

No matter what you buy, there will be a warranty card. Not to mention the large-scale use of stone, amazonita granite floor tiles are even more indispensable. When we buy floor tiles, we all buy them in bulk. When choosing, we can only choose one of the bricks for inspection. When there is no problem, we will buy this tile away, but you can’t guarantee that all the tiles will have no problems. After all, picking brick by brick is a waste of time. Therefore, only the sample check method can be selected. Some floor tiles have cracks, and others have defects in other problems. For solutions to various problems that occur with floor tiles, the warranty has corresponding methods and explanations of compensation. Therefore, when buying floor tiles, you must ask the merchant if they have issued a warranty card.


Hire experienced masters

The amazonita granite floor tiles you bought at a high price naturally wanted the laying to be flat and nice without any flaws, not that it was uneven here, the ground was cocked up again, or other problems arose. Therefore, you need to hire highly skilled masters. Experienced masters will measure the size of each room and the size of the floor tiles in advance, calculate the number of floor tiles installed, and then arrange the floor tiles reasonably to make the room look better. The laying teacher will have various skills to lay the floor tiles perfectly.


We also know the amazonita granite floor tile brand, and also learned about its purchase and installation methods. In the face of purchasing later, we are no longer so blind, but we have a purpose, a plan to buy, and we will not be deceived by others. Granite floor tiles of different materials will have different effects, and can also make the building more beautiful and exquisite.



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