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Why China white marble is an Ideal building material

China white marble is an ideal building material for a reason. First of all, its elegant appearance makes it the best choice. Among various building materials, it is the least vulnerable to damage. Secondly, it has good thermal insulation and sound insulation effects, which can effectively reduce the transmission of noise. Finally, its price is relatively low. These advantages make it an ideal building material.

Advantages of white marble

1. Chinawhite marble has excellent wear resistance and can be used for a long time.

2. Chinawhite marble has excellent luster, which can increase the overall grade of the space.

3. Chinawhite marble has excellent frost resistance and can maintain a good appearance at low temperatures.

4. white marble is a non-toxic material and will not cause harm to the human body. 5. white marble has good plasticity and strong corrosion resistance, and can withstand long-term wind, sun and erosion.


Application of white marble in Architecture

Marble is a hard natural material that can be used in architecture. Its excellent characteristics are wear resistance, impact resistance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, marble has been widely used in architecture.

For example, in outdoor buildings, marble is often used as a material for floors, stair steps, railings, and sculptures. In interior construction, it is often used as a material for floors, door frames, and countertops. Also, marble can also be used as a decorative material. Therefore, marble has broad application prospects in architecture.

white marble price

At present, the market price of China white marble ranges from 800 yuan to 1,000 yuan per ton. Because white marble has high-quality performance and beautiful appearance, this material is widely used in interior decoration, architectural decoration, and industrial fields. However, with the deepening of people’s understanding of it, the quality requirements for white marble have also increased. This puts forward a higher standard for the selection of white marble. So, how to choose high-quality white marble? Next, Xiamen HRST will introduce to you:

  • High hardness white marble is a kind of marble with good toughness and bending resistance. Hardness and impact resistance, and have a certain strength and hardness, stone with high hardness.
  • Uniform texture white marble with good quality generally has fine and uniform texture, obvious natural gloss, and even and rich color distribution.
  • Rich colors High-quality white marble has rich colors, which can meet different aesthetic requirements.
  • Smooth surface The appearance of natural white marble is generally white or light-toned, but after finishing, if it is handled properly, it will show a variety of beautiful colors, giving people a sense of pleasure.
  • Pure color High-quality white marble has pure color, bright tone, clear and uniform texture, no color cast, and has certain hardness.


China White marble compared to other building materials

1. Characteristics of white marble: High-quality white marble material is durable, not easy to deform, not easy to crack, good corrosion resistance, high gloss, non-toxic and tasteless, can be cut into various shapes, and is widely used in architectural decoration.

2. Characteristics of other building materials: steel is a metal with low density, high strength and is not easy to rust; cement is a composite material with high density, medium strength and good durability; wood is a natural material with low density and high strength Low.

3. Application occasions: white marble is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration, and other building materials are suitable for outdoor construction.

4. Comparison: China white marble is more elegant and elegant, while other building materials are more durable and solid.

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