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calacatta viola marble kitchen – it’s a gem among the rocks

Calacatta viola marble kitchen is the most beautiful marble in the world. This marble stone has an excellent texture with a smooth and flat surface. It is often used to make high-grade floors, walls, countertops, pillars and other building decoration materials.

Calacatta viola marble kitchen is the most beautiful rock in nature, with excellent gem texture and smooth and flat surface. People often use it to make all kinds of high-grade floors, walls, countertops, pillars and other building decoration materials.

Features of calacatta viola marble kitchen

The calacatta viola marble kitchen has unique properties as a hard, fragile and transparent material. It is composed of tiny calcium carbonates that are continuously broken down due to the formation of CO2 in the water. This makes the calacatta viola marble kitchen very weather resistant.

Caraca marble has a unique transparency and gloss, which makes it a high-quality decorative material. It can also be used as a building material. For example, it can be used as a floor, door, siding or stair panel. However, due to its fragility, care must be taken when using it to protect it.

Caraca marble can also be made into various carving crafts. For example, various patterns, fonts or reliefs can be engraved. These carved crafts can be given as decorations or gifts.

Caraca marble production process

Marble is a rock whose main component is quartz. As time goes by, it will be affected by water, wind, ice and snow, and people’s activities, and cracks will appear on the surface, which is the characteristic of marble.

Before making marble, it must be pretreated, including removing surface debris, cracks, holes and floating dust. The marble specimen is then soaked in a suitable glue to allow it to soak.


Fields of application of Caraca marble

Caraca marble is a material with excellent wear resistance and weather resistance, so it is widely used in various fields. For example, it can be used to make high-grade interior floors and countertops, as well as other decorative materials. Caraca marble is also commonly used for paving roads, sidewalks, driveways, floors and other places on construction sites.

The excellent properties of calacatta viola marble kitchen make it an ideal material not only for interior decoration, but also for exterior paving. For example, Caraca marble floors can be used as a unique road paving material. This can not only reduce the wear and tear of the road surface, but also make the road more smooth and tidy.


Is Karaca marble good-looking? 

Is calacatta viola marble kitchen good-looking? Is it very expensive? This marble plate has superior wear resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, and is suitable for various occasions such as indoor and outdoor decoration, floors, walls, stairs, balconies, etc. 

Caraca marble installation method

1. Put the marble slab on the foundation and measure the side length and width of the marble with a ruler.

2. According to the measurement data, draw the position of the marble slab on the basis.

3. Glue the marble slab to the foundation with glue or white water.

4. Hit nails or nail racks to fix the marble slab to the foundation.


Purchase of caraca marble considerations

First of all, when purchasing a calacatta viola marble kitchen, you must understand its material. High-quality Caraca marble is excellent in material and is not easy to be damaged; at the same time, it can also provide an elegant and high-end atmosphere to the interior space. Therefore, you should try to choose some high-quality materials when purchasing. At present, the common ones on the market are: imported Tanzanian karaka, Russian Caucasus karaka, and domestic Tanzanian karaka. Another name is: Tanzania Karaka Baima. It is understood that Tanzanian Karaka (“Kalik” in Tanzania means “white”) belongs to the Karaka series and is mainly composed of white marble. The texture of white marble is fine, uniform and full of luster, and the color is mostly white. In terms of design, because white has strong reflective properties, it looks very elegant in visual effect, and is suitable for large-area wall or floor decoration. In interior decoration, if white marble is used, it can be matched with some metallic furniture and accessories to achieve a luxurious effect.

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