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Does calacatta marble in building stone have radiation?

Now that people have a good life, they are using more and more products. Therefore, people are particularly concerned about whether the products used have radiation phenomena. Nowadays, in order to improve the living conditions of life, people use calacatta marble floor tiles to lay the ground, and also use it to decorate the interior and exterior walls. So, in this era of promoting low-carbon living, does calacatta marble, which is often renovated, have radiation?

Does Calacatta Marble have radiation?


The various calacatta marbles on the market are nice and beautiful in color, and are made into furniture by merchants. This kind of furniture looks classic, rich and decent, and is popular with people. Does Calacatta Marble have radiation? It’s a topic that people are concerned about. When there are more calacatta marble furniture in the home, people will have contact with it to varying degrees. After a long period of time, the radiation generated by calacatta marble to the human body is obvious. The Internet uploaded calacatta marble with a high degree of radiation and received a high number of hits.

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Scientific verification

Does calacatta marble have radiation? It’s a topic that many scientists are concerned about, so they’ve done a lot of experiments to solve this problem. Some scientists suggest that if you have calacatta marble furniture at home, can you reduce the radiation of calacatta marble through flowers or other coverings? Through the efforts of professionals, the results obtained are flowers and plants and can reduce the radiation of calacatta marble. The professionals used it together to test the data before and after the flowers and plants were covered, and the results did not change. Therefore, the staff at the management station will say that flowers and daily necessities do not block the radiation of calacatta marble.


Popularize professional knowledge

Classification of marble

According to its radioactivity, marble is divided into three categories. The first category is that the scope of use is not restricted in any way, the second category is that it cannot be used for interior and interior wall decoration, and can be used in outdoor walls and buildings in other places, and the third is the exterior wall surface that can be used in all buildings. Does marble have radiation? Then listen to what the market manager has to say! There are two types of decorative stone on the market, one is granite and the other is marble. The radioactivity of granite is higher than that of marble and is not suitable for indoor use. Marble is divided into pure natural marble and artificial marble. Artificial marble is formed by mixing, grinding and polishing with natural marble and granite gravel as fillers. Therefore, the radiation energy of artificial marble is relatively small. Marble’s relatively low radioactivity is negligible. Test data from the national geological exploration center show that the specific activity of granite is greater than that of marble stone, and is also more radioactive.


How to reduce indoor radiation

The structure of the stone is relatively tight and has a certain shielding effect on gamma rays. Does calacatta marble have radiation? The use of low-emission stone indoors can effectively absorb gamma rays attached to the foundation, soil and walls, and can also effectively block the spread of radon and other molecules indoors. For calacatta marble stone used indoors, it is best to use stones that meet the national Class 1 standard and whose thickness is controlled within 25mm. This stone can effectively shield highly radioactive building materials, so that people can live in a healthy and comfortable environment. When purchasing and decorating calacatta marble, you need to select products that have passed the test, preferably with a radiation monitoring certificate, so that the safety can be higher.


Reduce the exposure time to radiation

Stay away from radiant stone

Does calacatta marble have radiation? It is an issue that users must consider. Because it is inevitable that there will be one or two pieces of calacatta marble furniture in the home, this kind of house, for young people, can be treated appropriately, and for the elderly and children, it is to minimize their contact time. Only in this way will it be beneficial to their bodies. After all, the elderly and children have poor resistance and need extra protection. Young people are relatively more resistant, so calacatta marble radiation has little effect on them.


Reduce calacatta marble furniture

If there are children and elderly people in the family, it is best to give them the furniture in their house made of wood, which would be better. Does calacatta marble have radiation? The answer is: Yes. The specific magnitude of the radiation requires relevant identification to know.

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