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How to distinguish and maintain the role of china sandalus quartzite?

For some people who like to collect, when they encounter boutique materials, they always want to collect them, especially some beauty lovers, love all kinds of jade, just like sandalus quartzite, which is very popular among the public. You can often see merchants selling such products, but everyone knows how to identify sandalus quartzite? Do you know the role of china sandalus quartzite? Let’s talk about sandalus quartzite. If you like it, come and check it out!

Introduction to the role of china sandalus quartzite

What is sandalus quartzite

Sandalus quartzite is made of different materials and different products. The main material of sandalus quartzite is a combination of minerals such as quartz and hematite. It is usually a block structure, and it is rich in multiple colors, so it is used in many occasions.


Scope of application of sandalus quartzite

 Used in the construction industry

Sandalus quartzite has been widely used in many fields, such as glass, ceramics, rubber and other industries, and has a strong plasticity. For example, a rock with a quartz content of 85% is called sandalus quartzite. This rock is hard and not afraid of high temperatures and rain. Therefore, it is commonly used in the construction industry as a paving stone. The most common is the railway track stone, which is strong and not easy to damage. In addition, sandalus quartzite has a wide variety of colors, so materials with a quartz content of more than 93 percent are basically used in interior decoration. This kind of sandalus quartzite is beautiful and has no pollution.


Used in the jewelry industry

The role and value of China sandalus quartzite is higher than that of ordinary sandalus quartzite. The high-end quartz stone material is delicate and smooth, colorful, both in terms of luster and moisture, and has a certain degree of transparency. This kind of sandalus quartzite is actually a type of jade, called Sandalus quartzite jade is also known as Xinjiang white jade. This kind of jade is very exquisite and loved by the crowd.

The role of sandalus quartzite in china, how to distinguish sandalus quartzite

Formation of sandalus quartzite

Although sandalus quartzite is colorful and has a certain degree of light transmission, this type is only suitable for glass or ceramic products, while China sandalus quartzite has a higher role and higher requirements. Only the transmittance, hardness, and density of sandalus quartzite reach jade This kind of sandalus quartzite is also called sandalus quartzite. Although its value cannot be compared to jadeite, it is more exquisite and is particularly suitable for use as an accessory.


Characteristics of sandalus quartzite

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Sandalus quartzite is a delicate material, completely unafraid of strong light irradiation. The internal material distribution is uniform, there are no impurities or cracks, and there is no uneven color. The distribution is particularly coordinated, both in terms of gloss and transmittance, and is just right.


Identify the authenticity of sandalus quartzite

The function of china sandalus quartzite is to make beautiful accessories, so the most direct way to identify the authenticity of sandalus quartzite is to touch it. The real sandalus quartzite jade is smooth and delicate, and it is very comfortable to hold in the hand, and the fake feel is rough, and there is no cool feeling. In addition, sandalus quartzite really looks particularly translucent and full of moisture. It gives people the feeling that it is pure white and inviolable, while the counterfeit product looks gray, dull, and the color is blunt. It’s like a feeling of forced injection. It’s dry and cheap, and it’s uncomfortable to look at.


Quickly distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of sandalus quartzite

First of all, you can lightly scratch the sandalus quartzite skin with a knife, because the sandalus quartzite material is hard, so there will be no scratches easily. If there are scratches, it means that the stone is too soft is an inferior product, and the high-quality sandalus quartzite has a uniform texture, orderly internal arrangement, and can also hit jade, high-end Sandalus quartzite sounds crisp and pleasant, but on the contrary, it is dull and harsh. As for the price, although sandalus quartzite is abundant in many regions, sandalus quartzite is still very rare, and its material is hard and not easy to engrave, so the sandalus is beautifully carved The price of quartzite is not too cheap either, so everyone needs to distinguish it carefully.


The role of sandalus quartzite in china, how to maintain sandalus quartzite

The maintenance methods of jade are the same. Even sandalus quartzite is not as valuable as jadeite, but if it is regularly maintained, it can also become very exquisite, and jewelry is used to wear. Regular wearing can make jade more shiny, can also moisturize the body and achieve health care effects, but remember not to touch chemicals to avoid corrosion. You can soak it in water regularly to keep it moist, or wipe it with a soft cloth. In the long run, it can make the jade more permeable and hydrated, and should it be placed in a place with strong light, so it is easy to cause cracks. Remember?

The role of china sandalus quartzite is introduced here. All jade is the same principle. The better it is preserved, the better its head is. These need to be accumulated over the years, and the price of this kind of jade is cheap, even if it causes damage, it will not be distressed. Friends who like this kind of jewelry can punch one.

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