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Learn about emerald green granite prices from different stones and production areas!

When I hear about granite, I’m sure people in the construction industry know it best. This stone is beautiful in color and is particularly hard. It is also wear-resistant, weather-resistant, and resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, so it is a good stone for the construction industry. As long as you go to Tiananmen Square in Beijing, you will see the People’s Heroes Monument standing in the square. It was built in 1949 and is still intact to this day. Its building stone is granite, so you can see how hard it is, and after 73 years of wind and rain, it can still stand in Tiananmen Square. What exactly is the price of emerald green granite, and listen to me analyze them one by one.


The price of emerald green granite in different countries

Different names at home and abroad

If it is grown in Huainan, it is orange, and if it is grown in Huaibei, it is orange. The same kind of fruit grows in different places, and it tastes different and has different names. If a building stone is produced in mainland China, its name is granite, and if it is imported from abroad, its name is marble. This stone is relatively hard and is often used for carving, and is made into various slabs for sale. The domestic price of emerald green granite is basically 55-168 yuan per square meter. If it is imported from abroad, its price is twice that of the domestic one.


Price of natural marble


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In the construction industry, all roads or fences that are greened in bad conditions are made of natural marble as building stone. It is mined from natural rock. Workers in this industry are meticulously processed to turn natural marble into blocks or slabs, which is convenient for use in the construction industry. There is no fixed data on the price of emerald green granite. The price of natural marble is basically between 161 per square meter and several thousand yuan per square meter. It mainly depends on the area where the stone is sold, and the hardness and beauty of the color of the marble. As the saying goes, one penny is one cent for one cent. Of course, marble also follows this rule. Domestic granite is also cheap, such as domestic black sand gold, which costs between 160-260 yuan per square meter. Mid-range stone marbles are floral beige, Persian gray, etc., and the price is between RMB 280-400. The price of stone that is generally used on a large scale is quite favorable, basically between 45-80.


Things are rare and expensive

Price is related to the rarity of the item

There is a saying that it is good to say that things are rare and expensive. The fewer things there are, the more they will be cherished by people. The more things you have, the higher the price. Of course, this principle also applies to marble. There are marble colors that people rarely see, so the price of this type of marble is high. There are marble colors that people often see, so the price of this type of marble is low. The price of emerald green granite is related to the rarity of the item. If the color of marble is more common, the price is 100 yuan per square meter, and if it is dark or rare, the price is between 300 and 500 yuan per square meter.


Artificial emerald green granite price

Generally, marble formed by nature is cheaper than artificial marble at the time of purchase. Because artificial marble needs to be modified according to customer requirements, the process is very troublesome and time-consuming, and the cost is relatively large, so the price of artificial emerald green granite will be higher. For example, the price of some artificial marble is 250 yuan per square meter, and some artificial marble costs 300 yuan per square meter.


The effect of size on the price

The price of emerald green granite has a certain relationship with the size of the marble. Of course, it is big and expensive, and small is cheaper. For those who know about this industry, it is natural to know that large slabs can be processed and turned into stones that people can use. The thickness of the imported board is basically no more than 3 cm, and it is relatively thin. Some stones have special customer requirements, and are not as convenient to process, which will add a lot of difficulties. However, if you take over this kind of marble that needs to be processed, we will do our best to complete it.


Uses of marble

Natural marble has very low radioactivity, little harm to the human body, and it has strong water absorption and is strong, and can be used in many places. Marble can be used in buildings, roads, curtain walls, landscapes, etc., to make these places more gorgeous and dazzling. The price of emerald green granite has a certain relationship with its use. Some places require special processing, and the price is naturally high, and some places do not need special processing, so the price is low. Therefore, when purchasing granite, you need to figure out the purpose, so you can budget the price.


The price of emerald green granite is different, not only affected by its production area, but also by different stones. The use of granite in houses, roads, curtain walls, and landscapes will make the building work better. The solid material of granite itself also makes the building stay longer, and it can be waterproof and not weathered after wind and rain. The pattern of granite is particularly nice, can also add color to buildings, and can be preserved for hundreds of years. In the construction industry, granite has been praised by industry people, praising it as the best building stone.

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