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How effective is the decoration of calacatta white marble?

The calacatta white marble decoration effect is very versatile and stylish, so many items use marble grain, so this decoration can be said to be ubiquitous. The calacatta white marble decoration is also very popular in terms of indoor decoration. Most scenes use this stone to cover the living room or lobby. The effect is also very atmospheric, and the luster of calacatta white marble makes the room look very bright and clean.

Where can I get the decoration effect?

  1. Interior design service provider

If you also like this pattern and are ready to use it for interior decoration, then the calacatta white marble decoration effect on your own imagination must not be able to determine the specific effect, you may think it is very elegant, but the actual laying effect is very rustic, so depending on whether the effect is good or not, you might as well find a professional interior design service provider, will Tell them your own ideas, and then ask the other party to create a corresponding simulation scene, and then look at the effect, it will be a lot more three-dimensional and realistic.

  1. Pictures of online platforms

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Nowadays, many people look at the calacatta white marble decoration effect of interior design. They will find some pictures and photos on the Internet as a reference, combine their favorite style or interior design, and then arrange the room according to this combined new scheme. In fact, this method is OK, but the disadvantage is that people who do not have certain artistic and aesthetic skills will not arrange the interior decoration The lip of the road is wrong with the structure of the horse’s mouth, so it’s embarrassing. Therefore, for the sake of overall coordination, you can ask a professional interior designer to design for yourself and combine your favorite white marble decoration style, so you can improve the aesthetics.

  1. Visit the model room

However, some sales offices provide a service to visit the model room. Friends who don’t know the decoration effect of White Marble can also go to see the houses that have been renovated. Specifically, see how other people’s calacatta white marble decoration effects are matched and selected. Buy calacatta white marble according to similar styles The product is OK.

Where can the pattern be used?


Most calacatta white marble is used to process floor tiles, which is not only exquisite and elegant, but also hard and durable enough, but because calacatta white marble is slippery, you need to be careful when walking on it, which may also be its only drawback. In fact, this material can not only be laid on the ground, but it can also be applied to walls or pillars after processing and polishing. It is smooth, clean and hard enough that it will not be easily dyed, so it is ideal as a building material.

  1. On trinkets

In fact, white marble trinkets do not mean processing it into jewelry, but rather the outer packaging of the jewelry made into marble patterns. Because of his beautiful pattern, the calacatta white marble pattern can be seen in all aspects of our clothing, food, lodging, and travel. It is a fashion that can appear on any product as long as it fits.

  1. Stone pagoda stone monument

In addition to living, it can also be used in some monumental buildings, such as monuments, cultural stones, tombstones, stone pagodas, etc. The material and texture are very solemn and calm, so it is also appropriate to use it in these buildings.


How to choose decoration

  1. Bright colors

In residential homes, shopping malls, airports, etc., it is suitable for bright, clean, and warm colors, so the calacatta white marble material with bright colors such as white, beige, milky yellow, and gray is ideal.

  1. Vivid colors

If you prefer youthful or ethnic style in decoration, then it is most appropriate to choose calacatta white marble with more vivid colors, such as pink, blue, green, cyan, etc., because now many white marble floor tiles are man-made, so the style, pattern and color can be customized, so the matching is very flexible and can meet the needs The need for decoration in different scenes.

  1. Dark tones

Now there are some people who really like the solemn and high-grade black decoration, so black white marble floor tiles are also needed to match the floor decoration. In this way, matching the black decoration with the lighting effect will make the whole room look serious and tall.

Well, calacatta white marble decoration effect and related information are introduced here. As decoration building materials, you might as well look at a few more suppliers, compare the price and quality, in terms of order quantity, can be customized according to a few more pieces, so that if there is damage during decoration, then there is room for replacement, the rest can be stored, if it is damaged after many years If so, if the merchant no longer offers the same style of calacatta white marble floor tile, then it will be more troublesome. Even if you choose the color to display, it will appear abrupt due to the different patterns, and the spare floor tiles that you keep at this time will come in handy. If you have any questions about decoration, you might as well consult with the processing manufacturer or interior designer. They will provide you with a more complete solution and knowledge.



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