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Introduction to how to identify agate stone ?

With the gradual improvement of living standards, everyone is paying more and more attention to material life. In particular, women especially love jewelry. In summer, they wear a variety of accessories, and agate is one of them, so let’s take a look at what agate stone is and how to identify agate stone today!

How to identify agate stone

What is the agate

Agate is a type of chalcedony ore, usually mixed with opal and quartz. Because the surface has clear lines and the texture is similar to a horse’s brain, it is called horse brain, agate, etc. Agate stone is divided into transparent and solid and has a variety of colors, so it is often used in accessories such as jewelry, accessories, etc., and is particularly popular both in ancient and modern times.

The efficacy of agate stone

As the most popular gift at the moment, agate stone has a variety of advantages. Wearing agate stone for a long time can make your physique healthier. How identify agate stone, such as red agate stone, can promote human blood circulation, improve appearance, and regulate gastrointestinal function, so as to achieve detoxification effects; wearing agate stone for a long time can improve liver disease, stomach Illness can also play a role in relieving the body and mind, making people feel comfortable and relieving the stress of life.

How agate is formed

Agate stone is a mineral formed by filling volcanic magma liquid. This liquid fills the gaps in volcanic rock and rhyolite, and the shape of this gap is different, so the shape of the agate stone formed is different. After a long period of impact, this ore will fall off and become a natural agate stone.

How to identify agate stone

Tactile identification

The material of agate stone is hard, smooth, and heavy. You can use sharp objects to scratch the surface of agate stone. Really, agate is not afraid of scratches, and if there are traces, it proves to be a fake. In addition, the agate stone carving process is complex, so if you come across a beautiful shape, it is recommended that you collect it.

Observe the internal structure

How to identify agate stone, the reason why agate stone stands out is that it is exquisite. The real agate stone has a clear and smooth texture and is naturally beautiful, while the artificial agate stone texture is arranged too neatly, and it looks particularly blunt. In addition, the real agate stone is placed in a light place for observation. The inside is uniform and has no bubbles, and is transparent without cracks or impurities. If there are bubbles, it proves that it is a counterfeit product.

Identification of color

Agate stone has a variety of colors, such as red, white, purple, etc. If you encounter dyed agate stone, it needs to be identified by infrared equipment, and the real agate stone is bright and shiny. If the color looks monotonous, it is very likely an artificial agate stone.

How to identify agate stone and how to maintain it?

I believe you already know something about how to identify agate stone. Here are the maintenance methods for it, as follows:


Although agate has high hardness, like other jade, it is too fragile, so do not directly bump with other objects, preferably stored separately; try to store in a soft cloth jewelry box so as to reduce friction and collision, and avoid chemical corrosion, like perfume, cosmetics, etc., will affect the luster of agate stone, and not close to the high-temperature environment, long-term exposure to high temperature is easy to let If there are cracks in the publication of agate stone, it can be properly wiped with a damp cloth or a soft brush to increase humidity, and can also be cleaned regularly to keep it clean.

How to clean agate stone

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You cannot use lotion when cleaning agate stones, which will greatly damage the luster of agate stones. You can configure simple brine yourself, usually one catty of water with 10 grams of salt, and you can match it according to the number of accessories. Then soak the accessory in it, or wipe it with a flannel cloth. After wiping, you can rinse it with water and wipe it clean.

How to value agate

How to identify agate stone, agate stone is divided into a variety of colors. The natural agate stone is colorful, translucent, and shiny, with a clear and smooth texture, no cracks and impurities, and has a gradient color and a clear sense of hierarchy. According to the current market value estimate, natural red agate is the most expensive, followed by purple and pink natural agate stone, and the material of agate stone is hard and difficult to process, so the more exquisite the carving, the higher its value, and the more collectible it is. Of course, ordinary agate stone is worthless; everyone can judge for themselves.

The above is all about how to identify agate stone and how to maintain it. If you need it, you can inquire about it yourself. Agate stone has been used as a symbol of beauty, generosity, wealth, and good fortune since ancient times and is especially suitable for use as an ornament. In addition, agate stone has an exquisite appearance and certain health benefits. Compared with high-end jade such as jadeite, it is more cost-effective. Friends who like this type of jewelry can start by taking a look.



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