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Answers about featured natural quartzite, quartzite Jade

I don’t know if you’ve heard of an ore raw material such as Featured Natural Quartzite. This material is widely used in many fields, and they are all very successful. I believe everyone will learn more or less about the material issues when shopping for products, just like the one made by Featured Natural Quartzite. The value of goods is much higher than that made of ordinary quartz stone. After all, the value of goods made of high-quality materials will vary. Let’s talk about this kind of ore raw material. If you are interested, let’s take a look at it together!

Answers about Featured Natural Quartzite

What is Featured Natural Quartzite

Featured Natural Quartzite is the transformation of various substances such as crystals and metamorphic rocks. This type of rock is formed after the quartz content exceeds 85%. Its material is very hard and very variable, so it is used in various fields.

Characteristics of Featured Natural Quartzite

Featured Natural Quartzite is a hard material with fine, evenly arranged particles inside and unique colour and texture. Because of its simple formation method, it can be mined in many areas and has a high cost-performance ratio, so it has been applied in many aspects.

The value of Featured Natural Quartzite jade

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Featured Natural Quartzite jade is a variety of rocks that are transformed through a certain influence. The appearance is moist and translucent, the touch is smooth, and the hardness and density are particularly good and extremely translucent, so it is mostly used to make bracelets or accessories. The price is much lower than jadeite, so the sales volume is very high.

Featured What is the difference between natural quartzite and ordinary quartzite

Different uses

Featured Natural Quartzite is not comparable to ordinary quartzite. Ordinary quartzite is hard, not afraid of wind and rain, and is resistant to heat and sun exposure, so it is ideal for paving floors or outdoor buildings. Because of the variety of colours, it is also often used to make crafts for sale and Featured Natural Quartzite is usually used to make jade jewellery.

Different values

Ordinary quartzite can be processed and sold after mining because of the simple acquisition channel, so the price is relatively low. Jade jewellery made of Featured Natural Quartzite needs to meet specific conditions before it can be formed. There are requirements for the light transmission, hardness, colour, density, etc., of jade, so the price will be relatively high.

How about Featured Natural Quartzite Jade

Can quartzite jade be worn for a long time

Featured Natural Quartzite jade can be worn for a long time. Materials such as chalcedony and agate are all quartzite jade, which can play a decorative role. Because this type of jade has rich mineral elements, it can be absorbed by the human body for a long time to form a beauty and beauty effect and can also achieve the effect of massage so that the wearer’s body and mind can be relaxed.

What should I pay attention to when buying quartz rock jade

When buying Featured Natural Quartzite jade, everyone should take a closer look. Although its material is very hard, after all, it is fragile as jade, so pay special attention to the appearance, touch and colour when buying. The appearance is no cracks, the touch is smooth, the colour is transparent and free of impurities, this kind of quality is better, and it is more collectable.

How to judge the advantages and disadvantages of quartzite

To judge the merits of Featured Natural Quartzite jade, first of all, depends on the material. You can use a sharp object to gently scratch the surface of the jade to see if there will be scratches because the material of quartz stone is relatively hard, and the density is particularly saturated. If it produces obvious scratches, it means it is a defective product. The second is the sound. When you gently knock on the jade, the sound that appears is crisp and smart is true, while the dullness and weakness are false. There is also the structure. The internal structure of high-quality quartzite jade is evenly distributed, and there is no dispersion. This can be solved by specific equipment. Finally, there is the price aspect. Although quartzite jade is cost-effective, this does not mean that its price is particularly low. After all, the price of any boutique cannot be too low, so everyone should judge carefully.

How to maintain quartz rock jade

Featured Natural Quartzite jade’s maintenance method is the same as other jade, and it is very afraid of the light. Being exposed to the sun for a long time can easily damage the jade and cause cracks, so it is best to soak it in water for a period of time regularly so that it can keep it moist that can improve its moisture, looks more hydrated and shiny, and can be better preserved. I believe everyone has heard that jade nourishes the body, so the better it is preserved, the more beneficial it will be for the body.

Featured Natural Quartzite is introduced here. Interested friends can inquire about this information in detail. Because fake quartzite will form harmful radiation inside, everyone needs to know more, decide carefully, and choose formal channels to obtain it so that you can get high-quality quartzite. Do you understand?


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