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Brazil mont blanc quartzite factory, in-depth understanding of quartzite jade

Indeed some people are not particularly familiar with the Brazil Mont Blanc Quartzite Factory. This is a manufacturer famous for producing quartzite, in-house production of various forms of quartzite products; you may have some doubts, it is not clear what quartzite is, let’s take a closer look at quartzite, let’s take a look at it!

understanding of Brazil Mont Blanc Quartzite Factory

What is quartzite

Quartzite is a mineral rock formed by a combination of quartz. It is formed for various reasons, such as a mineral formed by the transformation of sandstone, minerals formed by magma heating the surrounding rocks due to crustal changes, minerals formed by marine floating single-celled animals, etc., and is a blocky item.

Advantages of quartzite

Quartzite has many advantages. It is a mineral material, and the material is hard and not afraid of liquid corrosion and can withstand high temperatures. The appearance of quartzite is colourful, smooth to the touch, has no small pores and is extremely dense. Because there are many sources of formation, the price is relatively low, and mining and processing are particularly convenient, so it is a raw material for various types of products.

Uses of quartzite

The quartz stone abundant in Brazil Mont Blanc Quartzite Factory has a variety of colours such as red-orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple. It is very beautiful, and the material has high plasticity. It can be used in many places, such as building materials, craft decorations, electronic devices, etc., and is very versatile.

How to identify quartzite

The difference between quartzite and quartzite

Although quartzite and quartz stone both contain quartz components inside, they are two different items. First of all, the quartz content inside these two is different. Sandstone with an internal quartz composition of more than 85% or crystallized rocks is called quartzite. Because of its high hardness, this material is often made into paving stones, cladding and other products that are used in outdoor buildings and are not easy to damage. Plates with an internal quartz composition of more than 93% are called quartz stones. Quartz stones are brightly coloured and pollution-free and are usually used for interior decoration.

The difference between quartzite and quartzite jade products

Although quartzite is brightly coloured and has a high transmittance, it is not jade and is only suitable for making glass products. If you want to become quartz rock jade, you need to meet certain conditions. First of all, you need to meet the jade standard, not only the transmittance, hardness, and density. Although it is not as valuable as jadeite jade, it is popular among consumers because it is good-looking and cheap.

What are the characteristics of quartzite jade


The quartzite jade products in Brazil Mont Blanc Quartzite Factory are very delicate, and there are few impurities and cracks inside. If you look at it in a well-lit place, you will find that the internal material distribution is uniform, there will be no uneven colour tone, the colour arrangement is particularly harmonious, and it looks like both the transmittance and the gloss are very moderate. Although the price is low, it does not affect its sense of luxury in any way.

How about jade products made of quartzite

In our daily lives, we often see jade bracelets with quartzite on sale. Not only is this type of jade abundant in the Brazil Mont Blanc Quartzite Factory, but also in other channels, so how to judge when buying?

Distinguish by a sense of touch

Relying on hand to touch is the most direct and effective method. Real quartzite jade products have a smooth and cool feeling when touched, and the feeling is very refreshing. It is very comfortable to wear in cold and cold summer, while counterfeit products will feel the opposite when touched. Some are stuffy and uncomfortable to wear.

Distinguish by colour

Although the quartz stone of Brazil Mont Blanc Quartzite Factory is brightly coloured, the color of the white quartzite jade products is pure white, not doped with a hint of extra hue, giving people the feeling of holiness and purity, such as white porcelain is generally unpolluted, but it is particularly translucent, and the counterfeit products are chaotic in colour, looking like dyes are injected, especially not Coordination, full of cheapness.

Distinguish by material

True quartzite jade products are transparent and look very shiny. They are particularly moisturized and clear, while counterfeit products do not look moisturized enough and have no lustre. In a word, they are described as dull and dull and have no sense of refinement, giving people a dry state.

The above is all about Brazil Mont Blanc Quartzite Factory quartzite, quartzite jade. Through the brief introduction above, everyone must have a rough understanding of quartzite. Although it has no value to jadeite jade, it has its own unique features. Although niche, niche classics are immutable fashion, isn’t it?

Well, all of today’s content will be introduced here. If you are interested, you can take a look at it in depth or consult the Brazil Mont Blanc Quartzite Factory. I believe it will definitely be a big gain!



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