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A detailed description of Top Brazil Taj Mahal White Quartzite and its role

The so-called quartzite is a mineral whose main mineral is quartz. Among them, there are also mica-like minerals, hematite or needle site, etc., which is a type of mutant rock. Speaking of white quartzite, then this is a kind of white imported slate from Brazil, which is mainly used for indoor and outdoor decoration. The reason why the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the New World that everyone knows, is white is that Top Brazil Taj Mahal White Quartzite is used. Therefore, today I will briefly talk about the white quartzite at the Taj Mahal in Brazil and its role.

Reasons for using Top Brazil Taj Mahal White Quartzite

In fact, we can see that elephants exist in many temples, and most temple elephants use quartz. One of the main reasons is that Top Brazil Taj Mahal White Quartzite has very good hardness, is very resistant to corrosion, and has a relatively hard texture, wear resistance, weathering resistance, and chemical reaction resistance. Therefore, elephants made of this material are very commonly used in temples.

Of course, in fact, there are many different types of quartzite, and the colours vary, such as black, green, yellow, blue-grey, etc., so why use white? Because in Buddhism, Shakyamuni used to be a six-toothed white elephant before leaving home, so of all the colours, white is naturally the most suitable. And Top Brazil Taj Mahal White Quartzite is also a great match in terms of colour.

The difference between Top Brazil Taj Mahal White Quartzite and Hetian Jade

Top Brazil Taj Mahal White Quartzite needs to meet the jade standard

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In fact, many friends who buy jade now tend to be tricked into buying a kind of Hetian jade. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like a big problem, but if you take a closer look, you’ll find a clear difference. So many people say that Top Brazil Taj Mahal White Quartzite could become jade? In fact, there is a misunderstanding here. That is, quartzite or quartzite jade is the same substance. The difference is that quartzite jade is a granular quartz collection that becomes a dense block, and the content of quartz is relatively high, above 90%. Quartzite, on the other hand, is a silica rock that can be used to process glass. Therefore, the essence is the same, but the final content is different, leading to a different substance in the end.

The difference between Top Brazil Taj Mahal White Quartzite and Hetian Jade

Quartzite is used in construction and is a material needed for decoration, but Hetian jade is only used for jewellery. In fact, although Hetian jade is also white, white is more like a colour that settles over time, while the white of quartzite jade will be purer. If you use a flashlight to illuminate the flower to distinguish it, you will also see that Hetian jade is often delicate inside, and there will be some small cotton balls, but quartzite jade is granular and there are no cotton balls inside. Sometimes you can also find the bright light of the stars inside, which is the light of other minerals in it.

 Advantage of Top Brazil Taj Mahal White Quartzite


In terms of the composition of Top Brazil Taj Mahal White Quartzite, because of the granular structure or patchy structure, the particles will also be relatively symmetrical and fine, and the gap in the middle is relatively small, so water absorption will be poor, which makes it difficult to freeze in humid and cold climates. Moreover, this hardness will also be higher. At the same time, it is not easy to cause chemical reactions and is relatively weathering resistant. Therefore, it can be used for a long time in sculptures or wall decoration materials, and the integrity of the sculpture can be maintained all year round.


The appearance of Top Brazil Taj Mahal White Quartzite is very tall. Although there are different colours, the colour does not vary greatly, so if it is used as a decoration for an entire area, it is often more appropriate because there is no change in colour. This is also the reason why the Taj Mahal can occupy the eyes of a large number of tourists because of its white colour. In fact, it still has a certain colour difference in white, but from the naked eye, it is pure white.

Of course, Top Brazil Taj Mahal White Quartzite is not only used in tombs and buildings such as the Taj Mahal. In fact, many large-scale buildings, temples, and home decorations now also use this material. The usage rate is quite high, the higher the building, the more will use this material, and from the perspective of home use, it is easier to care for, easy to clean, not easy to get wet, and the ground can be guaranteed flat for a long time, and because the colour is also relatively tall, there will be no problem of not keeping up with the trend, for some luxury homes, it is also the best way to reflect the owner’s taste. It’s a style that is calm and never willing to follow the trend!



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