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CE G603 and G654 test report

Grey granite pavers are always the most popular.  This polished G603 and G654 grey granite paving stone is a great outdoor paving stone product. The raw material is G603 granite, This material comes from Hubei, China, and the color is light grey. The raw material is G654 granite, This material comes from Fujian, China, and the color is drak grey. G603 and G654 Granite  pavers can be produced in various types of finishes and this surface is polished.  As a high hardness G603 and G654 Granite material, it can be used for many kinds of projects for a long time.  Cheap price and stable quality are always the most important items to select granite paving stone products. CE G603 and G654 Granite samples of the above products has been tested with test report. AFAQ AFANOR certification is accredited by COFRAC for certifying.

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