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CE Butterfly Blue test report

Butterfly Blue is one dark blue granite from China. Blue Butterfly granite countertop is a dramatic, eye-catching countertop.  Black base, featuring green and white spots, this granite will create a stunning impression on your interior.  Originating in China with a commitment to its quality and durability, this unique granite allows beauty and muscle from its use and appearance. Granite has always been the material of choice for homes because of its ability to provide the true beauty of natural stone, with its unique and often exotic appearance, as well as its durability, strength and longevity.  CE Butterfly Blue Granite samples of the above products has been tested with test report. AFAQ AFANOR certification is accredited by COFRAC for certifying.

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Rain Forest Green Marble Table

Rain Forest Green is an intermingled black and dark green mesh uniformly spread over a green base with features color marble quarried in India. This stone is especially good for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, and other design projects. It is also called Bidasar Green Marble, Rain Forest Green Light Marble, Bidazar Green Marble, Fancy Green Marble, Forest Green Marble, Green Bidasar Marble, Green Glory Marble, Green Multicolor Marble, Bidaser Green Marble, Mirage Green Marble, Picasso Green Marble, Radhika Green Marble, Rainforest Green Marble, Splendor Serata Marble, Rain Forest Green Marble, Marmol Verde Bosque.

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Viola Calacatta Marble

Captured from one of the oldest marble quarries in Italy, calacatta viola marble goes where no marble surface has gone before. The perfect kitchen centerpiece for your home, Calacatta Viola Marble features rich cabernet hues and creamy white coloring.

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Sky Blue Marble

Sky Blue Marble is a lightly ice blue marble mixed with unique light color shades which veins are wavy and subtle and whole looks like flowing water. Many people have been drawn to this beautiful stones and variation for use in interior decorating,like countertops.

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Blue Agate Slabs

Blue agate is a variety of banded chalcedony banded in various layers of light blue, stripped with brighter blues, whites and ever brown threads of colors. Agate is also known as earth rainbow. Blue agate is one the most beautiful stone. Blue Agate has an ultra-fine and peaceful pattern. This is …

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